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Amplify the Arts in Your Community

In recent years, many of the nation's school districts have been forced to slash their art programs (1). These cuts are often due to reduced public funding and the prioritization of core subjects, such as math and science. Despite this, there is confounding evidence in support of art education.

That's why we're paying close attention during the 10th anniversary of National Arts in Education Week, which runs from September 13 to 19. There are many ways that you can join in this year's campaign. Before you get involved, be sure to check out the many benefits of art education, which include:

  • Studies show that children who participated in art in high school were more likely to earn good grades and enroll in college (1). Art can also help students improve in math, literacy, and creative writing!

  • Art boosts children's social skills. Children who participate in group music and drama performances are more likely to develop empathy for their peers. Artistic collaboration and group performances also encourage peer accountability.

  • Studies show that music and dance improve children's literacy, language, and writing skills. Not surprisingly, art also makes children more creative!

  • Art enables children to better understand their peers and themselves. Art studies encourage self-expression, healthy risk-taking, and emotional development. What's more, art education promotes cultural tolerance.

Check out this visualization by We the Parents for more benefits of art education!

We must keep fighting to keep art in our classrooms and communities. During this year's Arts in Education Week, be sure to visit Americans for Arts for ideas on how to advocate for art education in your community.


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