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Celebrating Black Women in Family Music

Kukuza Fest _ Family Music Forward _ hor

Kukuza Fest

Sat April 10 • 3-5 pm ET / noon-2 pm PT

Streamed Live via WEE Nation’s Facebook and YouTube page

Kukuza Fest is the first-ever Black Family Music festival series in the country.


The word “Kukuza” means “amplify” in Swahili, and Kukuza Fest is our effort to provide children and families access to performers and music that welcome, reflect and celebrate them.


Powered in association with WEE Nation Radio, and streaming directly on WEE Nation Radio’s Facebook and YouTube pages, Kukuza Fest is produced by Family Music Forward.


This unapologetically Black celebration of our collective abundance, resilience and creativity is part of FMF’s broad strategy to transform the systems of white supremacy and patriarchy, which impacts us all.  




Your gift will fund every aspect of Kukuza Fest: A Salute to Women - including artist fees, production, publicity and more, and will help us reach our $10,000 budget goal. Your donation is tax-deductible and can be made through the WEE Nation Radio website.

WEE Nation Radio is a fiscally sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization.  Online contributions for the charitable purposes of WEE Nation Radio must be made payable to ‘Fractured Atlas’ and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. 


Watch Live!

Kukuza Fest 2020

If you missed Kukuza Fest, you missed a history-making event. For the first time ever, there was a virtual two-day festival amplifying black voices in family music. It was powered by WEE Nation Radio, a black-owned media company owner by yours truly, Uncle Devin.

The first Kukuza Fest took place in September 2020 and was a two-day, star-studded livestream event.

 - 14,000+ views to date

- 60,000+ brand impressions 

- 14 artists – Shine and the Moonbeams, Pierce Freelon, SaulPaul, Dan + Claudia Zanes, Reggie Harris, Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr., Divinity Roxx, Aaron Nigel Smith, Rissi Palmer, Father Goose, Jabali Afrika, and more.”

To get email updates about Kukuza Fest, and learn more about Family Music Forward’s efforts to make Family Music more equitable, Join our Mailing List or email for questions.

You can also Join The Nation to become part of the WEE Nation Radio Family or email

Funds Donated So Far 

Fundraising Goal: $60,000


Joy Marilie - Emcee

Katie Aboudou


Maria Mitchell

Divinity Roxx

Kymberly Stewart

Radmilla Cody

Brown Girls Do Ballet

The Magic Jones

Inez Barlatier

Ms. Niki

Brandi Waller-Pace


Family Music Forward

Changemakers for Racial Equality

The Family Music Forward Collective brings together a diverse group of individuals who care about Family Music.

We are committed to transforming Family Music by supporting Black artists, children, and communities and by dismantling individual, institutional, and systemic racial bias within the industry.

We envision a time when Black artists will have equitable visibility, opportunity and compensation within the Family Music industry, and when all children and families will have access to performers and music that welcome, reflect and celebrate them. We believe that liberation of Black artists and families is liberation for all.

FMF members and collaborators:

WEE Nation Radio (Devin Walker, Lolita Walker), Shine & the Moonbeams (Shawana Kemp), SaulPaul, Pierce Freelon, Alphabet Rockers (Tommy Shepherd, Kaitlin McGaw), One World Chorus (Aaron Nigel Smith), 123 Andres (Andrés Salguero, Christina Sanabria), Little Miss Ann (Ann Torralba), Karen Kalafatas, Mil’s Trills (Amelia Robinson), Alastair Moock and Brittany Parker



Shola Adesimilolu

Lorraine Johnson

Ashley Zanders

Debbie Sosland-Edelman

City Love

Kindiana Jones

Kathy O'Connell

Mo Phillips

Ben Gundersheimer

Wendy & DB

Cathy Stough

Wincey Terry Bryant

David Ladon

Jenny Heitler-Klevans

Alice Burba

23 Skidoo

Ranganath Nayak

Susie Tallman

Keith and LaTisha Chase

Galen Brandt

Two of a Kind

Veronica Matthews

Heather Schuster

Maya Claros

Carrie Ferguson

Jessie Davis

Gregory Delaurier

Deyne Meadow

Peter and Joyce Moock

Lori Henriques

Katie Beth Ryan

Renee Collins Georges

Ginger Lazarus

Alphabet Rockers

Russel Nadel

Jessica Hebron

Andy Ferguson

Laura Doherty

Carla Jarvis

Tom Smith

Donna Wright

Stephanie Rothschild

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