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12 Incredible Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument!

Photo courtesy of Andrew Grant

Many know and understand the benefits of music as a listener. How it can be nostalgic, taking us back to a place and time, for many it is the soundtrack of our lives. Or in the case some cases, there are songs that make us look to the future, think.

Well, if music takes the listener through a range of emotions, one can only imagine what the experience might be for the artists as musicians, composers and performers. For some, it may provide an escape, others are natural born storytellers, then there are those who love the innovation and adventure of adding a new instrument to their repertoire.

So, if you have ever wondered what the benefits of playing a musical instrument may be, look no further than Andrew Grant's take on how music helps build confidence, improves memory skills and develops discipline and patience.

On Fostering Creativity and Self-Expression, Andrew writes, "We not only wish that our children and even we ourselves were more creative; it’s actually something we need in society. In our lowest times when things may feel bleak and unhopeful, we look to the world’s most creative people to help us overcome these testing moments.

When you learn to play music, you’re tapping directly into your brain’s processing centers for creativity. People who learn to play an instrument typically go on to create their own music, either by ear and memory or by writing the notes. Original music is incredibly creative, especially when you consider all the many billions of songs in existence. Finding a new, unique pattern is very creative and definitely expressive..."

I know for me, Uncle Devin, playing drums and percussion was my outlet as a shy child and young man. I sometimes found it comforting to communicate through music when I could not find the words to express myself. There is no doubt that I absolutely benefited from learning several different instruments and have had an amazing career in music as a result. One thing I tell children is do not think of having to practice when learning a new instrument, do not think of it as practice, practice, practice.

Think of it as play!! There are not many people in life who get to play for a living or for enjoyment. If you play an instrument every day, honing those skills, there is no limit to the joy you will bring between the shared experience of the audience and the musician.

To learn more, read the complete article on Andrew Grant's "12 Incredible Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument!".


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