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Ms. Niki

Ms. Niki is an edutainer who’s music is resonating with families all over the world. She is a classically trained singer/songwriter who began her musical career as a graduate of Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, D.C. She later earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Education with a minor in Voice from Howard University. As a Music Educator and mom of 2, Ms. Niki started writing children’s music and posting music videos on Youtube because she saw the lack of black music educators and resources for children of color.

She debuted her music video, Music in the Air, on YouTube and it has since gained her over 600 followers and 65k viewers. Shortly thereafter, she released her EP, It’s Music Time with Ms. Niki, which contains interactive educational songs for children. You can find Ms. Niki, Live every Saturday on Facebook or Instagram @msnikismusicclass.

To see Ms. Niki's awesome videos

Jingle Bells by Ms. Niki

An educational call and response song by Ms. Niki, her infectious take on a holiday classic, Jingle Bells!

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