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Little Miss Ann

Ann Torralba, aka Little Miss Ann, is an award-winning Chicago kids musician, a former Chicago Public School teacher, an instructor at Chicago’s iconic Old Town School of Folk Music, a mom, and a first generation Filipina American.

Little Miss Ann has made 5 family music albums that span different genres such as folk, rock, punk, country, bluegrass and more. Ann sings and plays guitar, ukulele, various flutes, and percussional instruments on her albums.

While Little Miss Ann enjoys recording and performing as a family musician, Little Miss Ann has also produced several charity concerts, written about all things “Kindie” such as Lollapalooza Kids stage round up of artists and gives workshops about the benefits of music in homes and classrooms at National Early Childhood conventions. Little Miss Ann is actively involved with Family Music Forward, a diverse collaboration of family artists who seek to amplify black family artists in Family Music.

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28 Days

Her 6th album "28 Days' also produced by Dean Jones was released in May 2021 with special guests, Suzi Shelton, Elena Moon Park, Tommy Soulati Shepherd and son, Frances England, Mil's Trills, Anna Jacobson, Ric Salazar and more!

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