SNOOKNUK is a Children's Music Artist that creates songs to MOTIVATE, INSPIRE, & ENCOURAGE. Making a difference by teaching valuable life lessons, social awareness and going "Back to the Basics", creating a bond and bringing fun to daily activities and making Childhood magical while making parent's lives easier. Inspired by her own kids, Snooknuk was created by Cheri Moon whom has an extensive background in the Pop Music Industry.

Besides working with major artists, she has written lots of music for TV commercials and shows. Snooknuk was also Executive Producer on Music and episodes of PBS's show "Bug Bites" teaching kids about Bugs and Nature. Snooknuk is a part of the growing wave of black artists revolutionizing Family Music.

For more information on SNOOKNUK visit https://www.instagram.com/mysnooknuk/?hl=en

Once Upon A Day - A Lot More Funny

‘’Once Upon a Day, a Lot More Funny’’ maintains the familiar elements that made SNOOKNUK’s previous album shine, and succeeds once again. Not only are most of the songs especially memorable this time around, but Moon’s sense of thematic direction, instrumental diversity, presentation, and even the production, are all noticeably improved. While not a regular fan of children’s music, I actually enjoyed this album quite a bit as a collection of standalone pop songs. After two volumes, Moon’s penchant for writing and singing, for both children and adults alike is clear here, and it will be interesting to see how she dives deeper into this craft on a future release, or perhaps, a new series entirely. - Music Existence