Kymberly Stewart

Kymberly Stewart is a singer, songwriter, musician, composer and actress. A native of the Bay Area who currently hails the greater Los Angeles area as home, Kymberly is on a mission to provide great music for children and families everywhere. Upbeat and interactive with gospel, jazz and R&B influences, her music captivates every child who hears it. Her most popular song and a favorite amongst preschoolers, I Am A Robot, is a testament to this, having reaching a quarter of million views on YouTube.

Kymberly’s goal is to compose songs with lyrics that young children can relate and identify with while providing sophisticated music that parents and caregivers can appreciate and enjoy. This is evident on her two children’s albums, Giggles and Curls and Giggles & Curls the Deluxe Expanded Edition, the latter containing the same songs from the debut cd with new songs included. She has also released a number of singles that promote positivity and self-awareness.

Kymberly is committed to creating quality material that children can enjoy and learn from. Childhood is a magical journey, and she is making sure that every child has good music to listen to along the way.

For more information visit https://www.kymberlystewartmusic.com/

Giggles and Curls

Giggles and Curls, is a testament to Kymberly's versatile talent. Upbeat and interactive, her songs promote positivity and early childhood learning over a soundboard of jazz, gospel and soulful pop sounds. Her songs are favorites amongst preschoolers, particularly the catchy repetitive I Am A Robot.